Economic Development

  • Kim understands that the rising cost of living and inflation are imposing burdens on the hardworking families in Illinois’ 5th District. Kim is fighting to bring industries into the district that will create jobs for residents, and generate large streams of revenue that can help fund essential programs in the community.

  • Kim is an advocate for fully funding public education, ensuring there is a qualified workforce and that teachers/professors are equipped with the resources needed to maximize student outcomes.

  • Kim understands that an associates or bachelors program is not for everyone, Kim is committed to ensuring that vocational programs are fully funded, and that there are sufficient resources in place for constituents to know about the diversity of offerings.

  • In the 5th District, visitors can get a taste of Asia to Africa, and small businesses are at its core. Kim is committed to ensuring that residents who wish to start their own businesses are equipped with the resources and support to do so.